World online celebration.

Pax Romana Imcs and Icmica organize a worldwide online celebration of Pentecost which will take place on Sunday May 31st at 13:00 UTC. (Universal time)
8:00 Lima, 9:00 New York, 15:00 Paris, 16:00 Nairobi, 21:00 Hong Kong.

The meaning of the celebration

The Worldwide celebrations proposed by Pax Romana, are a community spiritual experience. They are not a Mass in reduction or a transitional measure while waiting for the return to normal life. Its purpose is to give life to a community that embodies the body of Christ on earth. Fr Sesboüé sj writes: “The ultimate aim of the Eucharist is not the change of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, but the access of the whole assembly to the body of Christ through the gift of the Spirit.

This celebration is also a way to express the spirituality of action that characterizes Pax Romana. The relationship with the real life, the place of Christ’s incarnation, is very important, both for understanding and for acting.

The “Worldwide” assemblies allow us to experience the great diversity of humanity. It is a symbol that helps to perceive God in his transcendence, the impossibility of pretending to understand him. However, the limits of this diversity must be recognized, as participants are generally highly educated and not all national cultures are represented.

The feast of Pentecost is particularly important. Historically, it is the feast of Pax Romana, but above all this worldwide celebration is in itself an experience of Pentecost. Indeed, we propose to live an encounter between people from different languages, who understand each other beyond this diversity, through their faith in the God of Jesus Christ.


To register your participation, please RSVP here before May 28th.
All are welcome to join. If you are not registered you can join directly but it may take longer.


This is a participative celebration. Click here to prepare your participation.
You can already share your reflections about the Gospel and the questions using the comments area (after login)


To join the celebration on Sunday May 31 13:00 UTC, please click here.
To solve eventual technical problems, and to start ontime, the “doors” will open 1 hour before the beginning, meaning: 12:00 UTC.

Follow the celebration

Here you can see the schedule.

Sound: Microphones must remain closed except when speaking. The moderator may close a microphone remained open. Avoid speaking in a noisy environment that will disturb your expression. In such a case, it is better to write in the “chat” area.
Image: Use your camera, it’s important to see faces. Pay attention to the framing, the lighting (no shadow puppets), the clothing… All these elements condition the quality of the video published after the meeting.

The liturgy team.

This teams is composed of members who have a role during the celebration. Here you can see the members and the functions