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Council of Europe

Plenary assembly, Barcelona from October 28th to November 1st 2016

From indifference to mercy, our committment?

Pope Francis was pointing out that one the most pressing challenge is to address the "globalization of indifference", the selfish and indifferent attitude towards the suffering of others that has achieved a global dimension. Some months later the Pope was announcing 2016 as the year of the mercy, that it may be considered as a response to this human indifference attitude. However, this transformation process requires commitment. This will be the theme of the Plenary Assembly of Pax Romana Icmica in Barcelona.

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Pax Romana MIIC Ivory Coast holding a public debate! https://t.co/7xAjCJowNd
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Lsst oficial photo of the outgoing International Team. Everybody wanna have a pic of them! Thank you very much to... https://t.co/aqPhwYJAbc
Closing session https://t.co/s7QieQGTVL
Reports of the representatives in Internacional platforms of Icmica Miic Pax Roma https://t.co/naae5tbqXC
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/ScHyYI854v
The last interventions of this day https://t.co/FhVpnWqyX6
We will be transiting in direct from Barcelone during all this days!

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