What is the PA 2021?

The 37th Plenary Assembly, the highest decision making body of ICMICA/MIIC Pax Romana, will meet online on December 11 and 12. We envision this to be a “working assembly,” and hope that delegates will be prepared.

This Assembly meets with the objective to:

  • Review the state of the movement and our finances;
  • Better understand our raison d’etre and our mission;
  • Make decisions to better implement the mission, and to
  • and elect new leaders.

The Assembly and the Centenary of Pax Romana

Our 37th Assembly meets as Pax Romana celebrates the centennial year of our movement. A number of related events, interviews and celebrations have been organized this year. We opened the Centennial Year with a celebration in July and will plan to close the year with some hybrid online / in person event in July of 2022.

Virtual Visits and Internal “Synodal Process”

In preparation for this online Assembly, we launched our own “synodal process” to listen to the experiences of our members on the ground and to develop a State of the Movement Report . At the heart of this process has been a series of virtual visits with the members associations and secretariats of ICMICA. This process will form the basis of the discussions for our Assembly.


Video from the first day of the assembly

Video of the second day of the assembly

Summary of Working Group Reports and Orientations for the Future

Documents Related to Candidates for Constituent Members

Documents Related to Candidates for International Council

Candidate for President: Dr. Ana María Bidegain

Candidate for Vice President (Europe): António José Boita Paulino

Candidate for Vice President (Latin America):Sylvia Caceres

Candidate for Vice President (Africa): Jules Zannou

Candidate for Asia Pacific Coordinator: Nurhardjanto Prasetyo (Council member)