60th International Meeting ROME July 23rd – 28th/29th, 2015

 The attitude of so many young people to work makes evident their condition of uncertainty, their lack of confidence and a generalized weakness, which induce us to reflect on the responsibilities of the institutions and persons who are in charge of the education and formation of adolescents and youngsters.

Moreover, it often happens that institutions, the school, the family, do not seem capable of providing the instruments for facing the difficulties, nor of generating confidence, nor of offering adequate answers.


The central role of the school and the action of education in the process of the pupil’s comprehensive formation is primarily given to us as Christians and teachers. We therefore propose to provoke a reflection on that topic and to deepen it, well supported by the statements of professionals concerned with the education and the formation of young people. That’s also why we have chosen the model of the Round Table, which will allow us to deal with these problems better with the help of persons who are concerned with them as experts.

It’s our intention that this meeting ought to help us to generate in young people the hope for a possible good future and in teachers the confidence in the positive effect of their daily commitments.

The atmosphere of Rome, its ancient and modern treasures of art, the most typical places of its daily life, its surroundings, the sanctuary best loved by the Romans, will make all that perhaps a bit solemn, but above all – as we hope – lovely and peaceful.

The Council of SIESC and UCIIM cordially  invite you to Rome, to the Casa Bonus Pastor, which will offer us the best suited environment for a freindly, fruitful and agreeable meetint.