Pax Romana Africa has collected around fifteen testimonies from members on how to live the current covid19 crisis. The following few points seemed important to me:

1 The decisions taken. The measures taken to stop the spread are quite similar from one country to another throughout the world. They vary in their degree of rigour depending on the context, the number of people already affected… Members’ and movements’ actions aim to inform more about the behaviours to adopt, and to organize themselves to continue social life with new technologies, or through new family activities such as domestic mass.

2 Meaning and perspectives. The crisis is provoking an awareness of the fragility of our systems and of the « de facto » solidarity within humanity. What happens in one small village can have global consequences. The common perspective is to organise ourselves to face difficult times, which we will survive thanks to our responsible behaviour and with God’s help. Polemics about the origin of the crisis are considered useless.

3 New opportunities. The current situation opens up new possibilities: slowing down, taking a step back for oneself, time with the children, time for meditation, reading, renewing forgotten relationships.

4 Last comment, the economic question is not mentioned, while in Europe and the United States there is much debate about the consequences of the crisis in the field of economy, unemployment, social crisis…