In the conception of the conference we were inspired by the Messages for the World Day of the Peace of the last four pontiffs, both for reasons of merit and method. From 1968 to the present day, in fact, these messages, addressed not only to the ecclesial community, but to all men of good will, have offered a range of positive declensions of the term “peace” that hold different dimensions together. Each contributes to building peace through peace, according to a reversal of the classical paradigm that saw war as a necessary way to peace. “Our” Paul VI had well expressed this intention in his 1965 speech to the UN, of which this passage seems emblematic to us: “And you know that peace is not built only by politics and the balance of forces and interests, but with the spirit, ideas, works of peace”.

     Peace through peace, then. Si vis pacem para pacem… if you want peace, prepare peace. This is the spirit that has moved us and that has led us, together with our partners in Turin, to articulate the structure of the conference as a path that opens with a reading on the current geopolitical situation and, through the different possible declinations of peace, arrives to thematizing of the principle of fraternity as a way – secular and interreligious at the same time – for a harmonious coexistence, a sustainable development and the protection of fundamental rights.

The visits to the places of Turin that express the dialogue between different cultures constitute a further step on the path to peace. These intercultural routes, led by guides and escorts of foreign origin or by volunteers engaged in different ways in the welcoming, represent an experience of responsible tourism at “zero km”. They are an integral part of the conference precisely because they testify that in our local realities there are already experiences of peace built under the sign of fraternity.

Even the places where the conference takes place and where you will be welcomed have much to say: in the Valdocco and the Arsenal of peace, separated only by the Cottolengo and the Opera Pia Barolo, there are numerous realities like the Migrant Service of Caritas. They will allow us to follow in the footsteps of the social saints of yesterday and of today, along the streets of the district that still constitutes the district of the “chain” of solidarity, the beating heart of social Turin.

Along these roads we have crossed the footsteps of many realities and associations engaged since a long time for peace and dialogue, starting with the “Communita Valdese” that has actively inspired and helped us in the organisation of many sessions of the conference, in particular the conclusive interfaith round table.

The diversity of the paths that have promoted and co-organized this conference did not prevent us from walking with the same pace already in the preparatory phase, to make us feel in tune anyway, to make each one of us recognize each other in the spirit of the work of others and then to make us listen again – with a musical metaphor – many notes, however, written on a single pentagram.

That is why we look forward to welcoming you soon to Turin: we would like to share with you this sense of chorality that has accompanied us so far, in the hope of breathing the same harmony even in the days of the conference. This, in fact, does not want to be just an appointment that aims to contribute to the growth of the cultural and ecclesial life of our groups, but it would like to be a moment to be lived together, in which to tune our steps and then return to the paths of peace of our cities, with the heart lighter and with a firmer spirit.

Program and registration in attached file.