The recent killing of George Floyd by four police officers in the United States has sparked a series of public demonstrations across the United States and in many other countries. The systemic evil of racism, present in out societies and in church, in so many ways, continues to oppress and dehumanize.

In response to this, Pax Romana has recommitted itself in the fight against racism in a joint IMCS and ICMICA statement.


In response to these events, several Catholic leaders and publications in the United States have developed resources in the struggle against racism. There are several important voices that may not be familiar to many people outside the United States, but should be. We hope that these may be helpful resources as we deepen our actions against racism.


  1. Tia Noelle Pratt, a sociologist, has developed a BlackCatholicSyllabus with a focus on the scholarship of Black Catholics.    (we encourage readers to donate to support Dr. Pratt’s efforts )


  1. The Catholic Theological Ethics in a World Church Network has compiled a list with a more international perspective


  1. US Catholic Magazine has developed another Black Catholic Syllabus


  1.  Three helpful books (as a starting point):


Please let us know if there are other resources we should list.