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Vie Dic 05, 2014
European assembly
Sáb Dic 13, 2014
Interfaith week end
Lun Dic 15, 2014
Unesco INGO conference

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UN Refugee day
Sáb Jun 20, 2015
Indigenous people day
Dom Ago 09, 2015
World food day
Vie Oct 16, 2015
UN Day
Sáb Oct 24, 2015

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RT @Pontifex_fr: Je demande à toutes les personnes de bonne volonté de contribuer à créer une culture de la rencontre, de la solidarité, de…
Saturday 14h00 GMT. Join us! for a global conversation on Pope Francis' Evangelii Gaudium chapter 2: http://t.co/waIpeTLxWJ.
RT @kevin_ahern: We now have a year to take the #synod text and make more concrete proposals to bishops. The door of mercy has been unlocke…
RT @kevin_ahern: From Apathy to Social Action: Prayer's power to inspire acts of social justice @DailyTheo @PIcmica @PaxChristi_Int http://…
@kevin_ahern and at the same time this demonstration shows people who disagree with such a future


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