SIIAEC has the vision of an economy …

• including profit but in favour of all human beings,
• not polarizing more and more income and labour,
• with rules offering fair competition, avoiding injustice and exclusion,
• using the resources of our planet taking into account welfare of coming generations,
• reducing and avoiding extraordinary debts of poor countries, which is a tool of exploitation.

SIIAEC wants to give a contribution in a church …

• responsible for the future of our society,
• motivated to care about both the losers and the structure of our economy,
• taking advantage of the chance to intervene in public life without fear to lose the next elections,
• taking advantage of disposing of a worldwide network of members represented in all professions and public life.

SIIAEC tries …

• to develop a spirituality rooted in the Gospel and proved in professional life,
• to implement Christian values into professional life and society,
• to take into account, that our Lord gave us the resources, the wealth of our planet and our personal know how not only to us, but to the whole mankind (see “Sollicitudo Rei Socialis” of John Paul II),
• to use international contacts and foreign languages to get acquainted to other professionals and experts with similar visions for exchanging ideas and experiences,
• to offer an international platform for presenting and discussing different ideas in order to find a balanced view of economic problems,
• to offer the result of our studies to the church and the public,
• to be a lobby for an economy in line with the Social Teaching of the church, promoting . . .