J.M. Barandiaran Kristau Alkartea – BKA

.J.M. Barandiaran Christian Team


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The main objectives

 Organizing seminars about the dialogue between faith and culture and deepening of faith.

Eucharistic celebrations and  meetings.

Participation in international meetings of Pax Romana

Recruiting new members for the group and the international movement, especially of young generations.

Reflection and work on the special delicate challenge of intercultural and interreligious living.

Recent events:

International congress on intercultural dialogue Bilbao 2005

People of our century, believers of our century? Arantzazu 2008

The catholic facing the economic crisis 2009

Looking for the light in the darkness. Comments on card Martini’s book 2010

Recent themes of the electronic review Aldiz-Aldi

Latin America in the 20th century: zoom in and out. J Iginiz.

Jesus, an itinerary of life

 Recent publications

New Challenges in a World Longing for Peace  2006