Asociaţia Generală a Românilor Uniţi  Greco-Catolici (AGRU) 

General Association of Romanian Greek-Catholics


AGRU is an association of Catholic action type of a religious, cultural, sporting and humanitarian Greek Catholic lay faithful in Romania.


– Coordination and support for subsidiaries of national projects AGRU.

– Supporting the Church in spreading the faith and defend its rights and achievement.

– Intensification of religious education of members of the Greek Catholic believers in general.

– Guiding the spiritual life of its members in line with Catholic Christian moral principles and noble feeling of love.

– Identify, support, protect and realize the general and local interests of the RGCCUR, by supporting the Greek-Catholic priests, parishes and all structures related with the ecclesiastic hierarchy and local clergy.

– Development and affirmation of the potential of the Greek Catholic community across the country.

– Understanding and promoting spiritual and cultural traditions specific to the Church (RGCCUR).

– Promote and defend Catholic Christian moral values.

– Supporting cultural and educational institutions (pre-school and university), sponsored by the RGCCUR.

– Working with young people and families who share spiritual and cultural values of the RGCCUR, encouraging them to participate actively in the spiritual, cultural, social and charitable Association.

– To support charitable institutions of the RGCCUR, in the social welfare of all categories of needy people.

– Supporting and strengthening relations with other religious organizations in the country and abroad.


The Church of the IIIrd millenium, humble, following Christ, involving all her members in apostolate

 The department of activities are Spiritual and ecumenical, Education and Culture, social and charitable, families, economic and legal, public Relations.

The movement is present in: Cluj, Blaj, Bucharest, Oradea, Baia-Mare, Lugoj, Arad.

 Recent events

June 2010: day of the Association

May 2010 : General Assembly with the theme : Heralds of hope in today’s Romania


RGCCUR: Romanian Greek Catholic Church United with Rome,