The decisions of the Plenary Assembly 5/08/2012

 A new Council

Javier Iguinez (Peru) President, Luis Maria Goikoetxea, (Basque Country) Chaplain, Philippe Ledouble (France) Secretary General, Eneko caballero (Basque country) Treasurer.

Kevin Ahern (USA), Vice President for North America, Adrian Pereira (Malaysia), Vice President for Asia Pacific, Fredrick Wamalwa (Kenya), Vice president for Africa, Ramon Ibeas (Basque Country), Vice President for Europe, Ana Claudia de Los Heros (Uruguay), Vice President for Latin America


A new structure

To become more efficient, the Council has been reduced to 9 members, and completed by 5 new functions: internal and external communication, International Institutions strategies, Students and young professionals, Thematic activities, and New forms of membership.

 A new way of acting.

Based on a stronger commtiment of all members, to learn to share experiences, expertises at a global level.