Question: In his Encyclical Redemptoris Missio, Pope John Paul II recalled that “salvation comes from Christ and that dialogue does not dispense from evangelization.” (55) A reader writes us that the task of the dialogue seems to outweigh the mission of evangelization. ” What does it mean?


                Michel Jondot. No longer are the Muslims who are targeted, but Christians, namely Christine and me. I’m not sure what it implies, and if he reads this text, I would be happy him to react. It is true that Christians are faced with two requirements. On the one hand they are encouraged to build relationships with non-Christians: this is called dialogue. On the other hand, Jean-Paul II and Benedict XVI later realized that disappear Gospel values that made Europe. That is why they speak of a “new evangelization.” This word is ambiguous. In the coherence of some Christians, “to evangelize” means “to convert”; to many others, “to evangelize” is to make the Gospel present and effective. A literature teacher, former teacher in Paris, noted that verbs ending in “ize” meant the act of making effective a type of reality. To actualize means to make actual, to realize means to make real. When together we try to find an apartment to a homeless, paper for a clandestine, work for the unemployed, a skill to Maghrebi women, in my eyes we evangelize, we make effective the action of the Gospel. Our partner opposes dialogue Evangelization. There is a misunderstanding. For me as a Christian, to answer the call of Abssi inviting me to be with him in the service of the poor, is really dialogue and a dialogue that does not outweigh the mission of evangelization, but is inseparable from it.

                 Mohammed Benali (responsible of the Mosque “Ennour” Gennevilliers France). In the Maghreb, the evangelists have converted more than 40 douars. This is what some Christians call Evangelization? In my eyes, it is rather colonization.

                Saad Abssi, President of “La Maison Islamo Chrétienne). Let us admit that for a country whose social cohesion is religious, such behavior is difficult to accept. That is more than enough to unbalance the inner peace of a people. Catholics understand that, and they have no proselyte behavior. They are at the service of a country they love; we saw the testimony about the monks of Tibhirine. They have not made conversions. Must they be accused of being disrespectful towards the Gospel? Most Algerians distinguish between these two kinds of Christians.