To gain a deep Knowledge of Islam and a special Love for Muslims that facilitate a Christian to remain a connected person with Muslims


Christians and Muslims get to know, understand, respect, appreciate and love one another as members of one human family, while remaining rooted in one’s faith traditions

Core Values

  • God is Great for He is One but has created a world that is rich in variety. Therefore to respect and appreciate differences is an honor we render unto Him
  • God is the source of the dignity and uniqueness of each human person and the source of the unity of humankind. Hence praying studying and working together build bonds of mutual love and respect between men and women is in accordance with His will. 

Action Steps

  • Live the Gospel message of Christ in every aspect of interaction with Muslims
  • Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit speaking through Islam and Muslims
  • Reflect on ways better to communicate specifically to Muslims what God has done in Christ so as to be able to respond intelligently and sensitively when asked
  • Build bonds of love and friendship by regularly meeting Muslims in their real life conditions in order to know, understand, respect and appreciate the community observances and other positive aspects of Islamic faith and of Muslims
  • Promote understanding and appreciation of Muslims by Christians through short courses on Muslims and on the Islamic faith
  • Gain a primary knowledge of Arabic to help understand Qur’anic terms to help appreciate the faith foundations of Muslims.