The Christian Youth Development Movement and International Christian Concern on Sunday 21st of September commemorated the International Day of Peace 2014 with a multi-faith gathering in Bangkok to express solidarity with Christians suffering for their faith in Iraq and other conflict zones.

Attendees of the commemoration, which included Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, discussed the persecution of Christians and other religious groups across the Middle East and efforts being taken to ease their suffering and restore peace to the region.

The commemoration included a minute of silence for the Christians in Iraq, who live in fear of attacks by the Islamic State, and those in other parts of the region who are trapped in War zones.

Participants also lit candles as symbols of hope for the oppressed and expressed their desire that people across the world could live their lives and practice their faiths in peace and without fear of harm in places currently torn apart by war.

 A Norwegian girl, who participated in the commemoration, said she felt emboldened to have been surrounded by like-minded people willing to pray for peace.

 “I come from a country where we don’t have these problems and people live in peace. We have freedom to do things and yet many do not feel thankful,” she said.

But after hearing the current situation of countries where people are persecuted and living in war zones, I realize how blessed I am,” she said.