Interview in english

The issue of migrant divides Europe between welcoming countries and those who believe that this will create problems and then reduce the number of entries. The big problem comes from countries who wnat no migrant at all.

Migrant is a general term which includes asylum seekers, and those looking to improve their livelihood, especially from refugee camps.

There is no unanimity in Europe on how to deal with migrants, even the bishops are very cautious in their statements: they say that one must welcome because we are Christians, but they will not support such a policy for their country. COMECE had to remove two articles criticizing the policy of the Central European countries.

 These are harsh times for European integration, the migrants are like a catalyst that reveals the divisions within Europe. Hungary and Poland believe they have not reached the Western European standarts and therefore we cannot force them to accept. They also say that migrants come from another culture and their majority is Muslim.

Many people want to welcome migrants as people in need. But not all migrants are refugees, some seek a better life. But if people realize this, the welcoming culture will backfire.

We must objectively analyse the situation and have the courage to see the different aspects. We must also urge our governments to fulfil their UN commitments. As we did not want to pay for Jordan and Lebanon camps, then people came to Europe.