During the Iscam meeting (International Catholic Action Movements April 2016) we shared definitions of Evangelization , according to the charisms of the different movements:

1 Evangelizing is to account for what has pushed us to act in order to make situations more human.

2 Evangelisation is faith in God which leads to personal transformation and a conviction to reach out to others.

3 Evangelisation enables personal, environmental and structural  transformation

4 Evangelisation is a prophetic act of humanity with solidarity, which opens the future.


5 Evangelisation is a process which begins from the reality of the human person, putting his dignity at the center.

6 Evangelisation takes into account all of humanity and her environment.

7 Jesus Christ is the witness of a good news : get out alive from a death situation. Evangelizing today is revealing in acts that one can get out alive and free from current situations of death (hunger, slavery …)

Other personal contributions:

Be involved in all we do, means to be side by side with our colleagues and others.

Seeing the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the suffering that people undergo and offering hope to sufferings through the good news we announce through our action and testimony.

It is global to everybody, and all human being must take in account the relationship between the reality, and the light of the Gospel with the goal of universality.

Begin by transforming yourself in order to announce to others.

One of the key roles of Catholic Action Movements is to facilitate a continuous transformation not only individual but also structural, through our testimony and our life, and the passage from testimony to announcement.

Let’s continue our mission in the peripheries, creating spaces to proclaim good news, helping each other to live the faith.

The link between the testimony and the announcement depends on the charisms of each of our movements. Same for the definitions of Evangelization.

Evangelization means bringing good news, speaking about the life of Jesus in the heart of men. It must be comprehensive, it must start from a life experience, a testimony, to support the announcement.

Evangelization is Faith in Action.

The deep meaning of the Faith is to feel and show the beauty of the love of God. So we shouldn’t announce a faith which restricts people by a lot of rules and change religion into slavery.

Believing in Jesus Christ means believing that we can always get out of situations of death, individual or collective, that we or our contemporaries are facing today.