Mercy, Compassion, Love sounds very comfortable. As a human being everyone wants to experience these verbs. As the theme of this Year, it becomes more verbal in our daily life. While living stroll around the streets. I am curious to know whether it is the real world or the world of the fake? I saw a great shift in Humanity. Humanity  being praised and being insulted. Why humanity is suffering? Humanity is dragging on the roads and humanity is being honour among the rich. The pair of shoes  has more dignity and leisure’s of life as it is been displayed nicely in the shopping mall and on the other hand  the child of the poor is sleeping on the road enjoying the melody traffic and taps by sun on the road. 


     Looking into more critically. When I see situation poor people are still sleeping on the roads. People are living on the drainage of the house hold. I am living a diplomatic life (in the sense of a double life) on one hand I enjoy my life in very comfortable way, going out eating in 5 stars hotels, wearing branded clothes and on other side talking about mercy. Is it justified? Which world is real? I am confused….!!!

     Celebrations are good. But we maintain our class system even in our celebrations. It is easy to critic the social class system of the tribes and the poors. But difficult to look into it. It is the world of FAKE Everything here is FAKE Is it more important than feeding the poor or helping the orphanage? One world is the world of desires hopes and wishes. And one world belongs to achievers and the celebrations, (those who have everything and make celebrations). This is not different from the situation of the parable of the “GOOD SAMARITAN”   we know the situation, we know the teachings but we never do it. Like pharacies. We say but you do not do. We want others to do. We want others to take initiatives. But at this moment Lets start by ourselves showing mercy to the poor. And love to the orphanage. Let feed the hungry to make our life messy.