In Vienna the following NGO Committees are operating:

NGO Committee on
– Ageing
– Peace
– Status of Women (CSW)
– Sustainable Development
– The Family
– Narcotic Drugs
NGO Alliance for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Until recently, Pax Romana delegates were active in all the committees mentioned above, except the one on Ageing. – At present we are participating intensively in the Committee Status of Women (Annemarie Weinzettl) and Peace (Helga Kerschbaum). For the other committees we are looking for persons to replace some momentary vacant – respectively provisionally occupied – committees and hope to start with full engagements in January 2017.

The active delegates are regularly participating in the committee meetings and involve themselves in activities and publications initiated, proposed and edited by the NGO representatives. Thus we can reveal our mission and spiritual background as Pax Romana members and act accordingly. Recently a special Pax Romana contribution has been integrated in a UN video on Peace and Disarmament (cf. Pax Romana website).

However, the role of Pax Romana is not recognized as an especially important NGO right now. What the delegates need for (re-)gaining reputation are documentations of special activities in the fields related to the NGO committees operating in Vienna. Reports on regional or local events on any such topics organized by or in cooperation with Pax Romana groups world-wide are necessary and could be of great value for our task as Pax Romana delegates.

During the General Assembly in Barcelona 2016, there is need to discuss the efficiency of Pax Romana delegates (e.g. in Vienna), so that Pax Romana’s voice is heard (again) throughout the international arena. This means adequate information and the back-up of federations globally and papers one can share with the other NGO groups accredited at UN centres.

Referring to Pax Romana´s commitment to interreligious dialogue and peace, we want to propose an “International Conference for Peace in Dialogue with all Religions”, hosted by Pax Romana. We would appreciate, if this could also be on the agenda of the General Assembly in Barcelona.