The European Law: General Data Protection Regulation, gives us the opportunity to further inform our members about the use and protection of their personal data.

In no circumstances we sell or distribute personal data. If you wish to know what data we have, or modify it, you can do so by accessing your profile. If you want to delete them, please write to us from our contact form: we will answer you quickly.

Our website is accessible only from a secure HTTPS link.

How we collect your data and your acceptance:

The information collected in our contact forms and online payment application, are recorded in a data file. They are kept without defined duration unless you request to delete them. In case of hacking of servers and computer tools, you will be immediately informed in accordance with the law.


In each contact form we ask you to agree to provide us with personal data needed to respond to your requests; this data is limited to names, first names, emails, telephone number, status, address and the content of your request.

When sending newsletters, you are always asked if you wish to unsubscribe. Then you receive newsletters or information emails from us always with your agreement. If a registration to your email is made by a third party without your knowledge, you will simply refuse any further sending by clicking on the unsubscribe link.
Concerning payment data, the Law requires us to keep a copy of invoices issued in the accounts, 10 years after the end of the financial year.
Concerning the right to forget, write to us, we will do the necessary concerning the personal data in our possession.