Project Context: In October 2018, Pax Romana ICMICA organised a special session (in Ivory Coast) of pastoral coordinators and Catholic professionals across Africa. This session observed the lack of formation of catholic lay as one of the challenges confronting the church today. At the AMECEA sub-regional meeting (attended by representatives from Kenya, Uganda and Zambia), it was noted that the pastoral Coordinator and Catholic Professionals in Zambia had already begun an initiative to develop a formation manual for Catholic Lay.  Members was agreed that this initiative can be elevated to the AMECEA level, hence bringing in other countries.

What we want to achieve: Leverage on what has already been done by Fr. Matepa and the Catholic Professionals in Zambia to develop a manual to guide the formation of Catholic lay leaders in the AMECEA region and beyond.

How we want to work: This is a collaborative (tripartite) initiative bringing together Catholic Professionals (Pax Romana), Pastoral coordinators and AMECEA secretariat. As Catholic professionals, we view this as an opportunity for us to support the church. We are ready to deploy our skills, knowledge, experiences and resources for the success of this project, in partnership and under the guidance of our pastoral coordinators. In order to manage the process, a technical working group (TWG) will be formed to guide the process. It will comprise pastoral coordinators and representative catholic professionals (and other lay leaders) from all the AMECEA countries.