The elections for the renewal of the European Parliament next May will mark the Union’s path in depth. The citizens of Europe who are called upon to vote are at a crossroads, which may lead to the relaunch of the project of political unification or to its sinking, which is likely to be definitive. That is why it is not enough to acknowledge the mistakes of the recent past, due to the lack of solidarity between the Member States, the excessive confidence placed in the instruments of economic, monetary and financial unification alone, and the blatant short-sightedness of the ruling classes.

    We must courageously reaffirm the need for a strong, cohesive and politically solid Europe, capable of being credible and authoritative on the international stage and attentive to respect for freedoms and the promotion of social justice within it, towards each of its citizens.

    It is time for Europeans to choose whether to continue their divided history or to really aspire to “become a people” (Evangelii Gaudium, 220), and thus become actors in a renewed political project, to feel active part in a growing commitment to mutual trust and solidarity between states, but also to openness and to social and cultural inclusion of new players. The vote in May is, for all this, a decisive choice.