Pax Romana ICMICA-Africa has organised an on-line session bringing together Catholic professionals   across Africa and beyond to share their hopes and experiences about the  COVID-19.  With  members  drawn  from  difference countries, divergent professional orientation and experiences,  the  on-line  session  will  bring  together  members  to reflect  on  how  Catholic LayAcross  Africa  are  living  through  the  difficult  times  of Covid-19.

What is the situation like, right now? How has this epidemic affected you, your family, community and the country at large? What is the government doing to avert the situation?  How different organizations in countries are handling this epidemic, and more so the Church. What are your hopes and challenges (fears) regarding the way this epidemic is being handled. How can we, as Pax Romana family in Africa, support each other at this time of crises? The concept note is here.