IMCS and ICMICA are pleased to present the latest issue of the Pax Romana Journal, an intercultural, international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational review.

Download a copy of the journal here:
PR Journal 2020

This year’s theme is Beyond COVID-19: A Comprehensive Perspective.The issue includes articles and creative works from sixteen contributors coming from ten countries (Bangladesh, Canada, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius (Chile), Mexico, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines). The authors in this volume bring a range of experiences, expertise, and ideas. Some are university students; others intellectuals with doctoral degrees. Some are members and chaplains of our movements; others are friends and collaborators who responded to our open call for papers. We hope that these diverse papers can contribute in some way to the type of dialogue and social friendship that is urgently needed today.

Download a copy of the journal here:
PR Journal 2020

Contributors include:

  • Michael Afolami
  • Daniel Deak
  • Bernard Lee Heriberto Cabrera Reyes, SDB
  • Jojo M. Fung, SJ
  • Rosemary Goldie
  • Disha Mary Gomes
  • Jephte Olimpo Muñe
  • I.M. Panditha
  • U.V.A.P. Kalpashaka
  • Erika Montes de oca Rivas
  • Aloysius Pieris, SJ
  • Sandy Francis Peris
  • Shoshi Sylvester Peris
  • Patrick Drishya Purification
  • Djamester S. Simarmata
  • Helen Grace M. Udtuhan


The Pax Romana Journal is an interdisciplinary annual publication for literature reviews, research and opinion pieces on specific contemporary social issues. Key themes, include but are not limited to: Human rights; Democracy, good governance and global governance; Themes on the United Nations agenda; Faith, church reform, synodality, and lay participation; Youth participation and advocacy; Climate change and ecological justice; Intercultural/interreligious dialogue.

It is published jointly between ICMICA and IMCS.

Each of these themes is approached from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching with the goal of promoting peace, justice and mercy, in service of the common good of the poor and the Earth

Download a copy of the journal here:
PR Journal 2020