The following are some offertory prayers from Pax Romana members for the Christmas season.

These prayers were shared with Pax Romana members during our 2020 prayer service.

  • Day 1: December 25th: Pope Francis’ Prayer for Fraternity
    (Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti)

  • Day 2: December 26th: A Prayer for Creation
    (Elisabeth (Guigui) Müller, Colombia/Brazil)


  • Day 3: December 27th: A Prayer for Women 
    (Annemarie Weinzettl, Austria)


  • Day 4: December 28th :A Prayer for Young People
    Theresia Anggraeni (Anggi), Indonesia


  • Day 5: December 29th: For the Marginalized
    Anushka Agarwal, India


  • Day 6: December 30th:  A Prayer for Migrants and Refugees
    (Eduald Vendrell, Catalunya)

  • Day 7: December 31st : Prayer for Peace
    (Leon Loukou, Ivory Coast)

  • Day 9: January 2nd: A Prayer for prophetic responsibility
    (Chris Malano, Hawaii)

  • Day 10: January 3rd : A Prayer for Human Rights
    Philippe Grolleau, France

  • Day 11: January 4th:  A Prayer for the Church
    (Francesca Arcara, Catalunya/Italia)