Base Questions for Virtual Visits

The following are a series of questions for the basis of the virtual visits with member organizations that are part of our Synodal Process . This is not intended as a checklist, but rather a guide for the conversation. To see the reports of the visits already conducted, see here:

A. The local /national organization

General presentation

  1. Can you make a general presentation of your organization?


  1. How many members do you have and what is the evolution?
  2. What about the younger generation?
  3. Are there different categories (for example professional occupation) and in that case and how do you classify them?


  1. What is the general structure? Centered or decentralized?
  2. What are your main human resources? (Volunteers or paid staff).
  3. What are your main financial resources? Are there external financial support beyond members fees?
  4. Can you balance the budget? Is there a part dedicated to international activities?

B. The relations of the movement / organization

Relations at the local level

  1. What kind of relationships do you have with IMCS and IYCS?
  2. With other ICMICA movements beyond borders?

Relations at the global level with ICMICA International

  1. How are these relations? Do you feel living separate lives or a global adventure?
  2. What information do you transmit to PRI, what do you receive from it?
  3. What is the added value of belonging to PR? (Give examples)
  4. What do you expect from Pax Romana in the future?

C. Mission and its implementation


  1. How do you formulate your mission?

The reality where you are living

  1. What are the main challenges you have to face ?
  2. What are the main concerns of your members

Activities, fruits, results:

  1. How do you respond to the challenges as a community?
  2. How decisions are taken?
  3. Can you give few examples of recent actions and their results?
  4. Can you give few examples of fruits: personal evolution, partnership with others.


  1. What has been already done in that field? Do you have a plan to grow or extend the movement and how?
  2. Why do people join?