MEIC Movimento Ecclesiale di Impegno Culturale

The history

MEIC is a lay association founded in 1932 by Giovanni Battista Montini (future Paul VI) as Movimento Laureati di Azione Cattolica – Graduate Movement of Catholic Action. In 1980, after the Second Vatican Council, it renewed itself through the qualification and openness expressed with the new denomination: Movimento Ecclesiale di Impegno Culturale. The almost 80 years of the Movement represent an important part of the cultural and civil history of Italy.

 The mission

Within the framework of Catholic Action, MEIC specifically addresses its proposal to those wishing to take part in its intellectual service by promoting meetings, discussions and confrontations with those who, although referring to different religious and cultural backgrounds, want to contribute to the progress of mankind and of the common good. This cultural work is expressed:

– In fidelity to the Second Vatican Council which was for the Movement a fervent event allowing a new way of setting-up relations between faith and history, church and world, hierarchy and laity, the Revealed Word and human knowledge, while sharing the hardships and hopes of the human beings of our time when everyone has a right to live;

– In the theological commitment for a faith that thinks and takes part in the life of local churches;

– In the sense of citizenship with a service devoted to the formation of a civil and political consciousness that pays attention to the needs and duties of a good society;

– In the particular attention given to the values of civilization, freedom and democracy enshrined in the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

 The vision

MEIC proposes itself as a movement of people participating, soberly and responsibly, in the ecclesial experience of giving testimony of the Gospel in everyday life, walking as lay people along with other men and women of good will. It gives specific attention to civil commitment in civil occupations. It looks, passionately and confidently on Europe that, while broadening and strengthening its union, is called to bring to the world, peace, justice, freedom, equality and intercultural and ecumenical dialogue.

MEIC has a national team, regional delegations, diocesan and local groups in many Italian cities.

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