Identity of Pax Romana ICMICA/MIIC:

  • An international Association of Catholic professionals and intellectuals composed of local federations, groups and individuals;
  • An open forum for intellectual sharing and dialogue among different cultures, generations and professions;
  • A social movement for empowerment, advocacy and solidarity for a peaceful, equitable and sustainable world;
  • A global network of ideas, insights and commitment based on a Christian vision and mission;
  • An International Catholic Organization working closely with other Catholic-inspired NGOs;
  • A non-partisan and non-profit organization of the civil society;
  • An International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) recognized by the United Nations System and the Council of Europe, which is active in international civil society networks such as the Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations in consultative relationship with the United Nations (CONGO).

In all its activities, Pax Romana ICMICA/MIIC is:

  • Promoting intercultural, inter-religious and intellectual dialogue;
  • Promoting the protection of fundamental human rights for all, including socio-economic rights;
  • Promoting critical and constructive dialogue and involvement in socio-political issues through the empowerment of civil society actors and the strengthening the presence of the laity in Church & Society.

Responsibilities of Pax Romana International Secretariat:

  • Internal animation and coordination of the movements, federations, representatives of international organizations, specialized secretariats, working groups, regional coordinators and members of the Council;
  • Internal and external communication and networking;
  • Organizing sessions of the Plenary Assembly and International Council;
  • Implementing decisions made during the Plenary Assembly and International Council;
  • Representation to the UN and other international organizations, and institutional relations;
  • Management of the organization and projects