As a global community of Catholic intellectuals and professionals, our website and other social media platforms are critically important tools to help us to think, reflect and act on concrete issues facing our world and our church.

The unprecedented emergence of the COVID19 virus reminds us of the importance of community and solidarity. In response to this global catastrophe, we have launched a series of video discussions with members of our movement from different continents. You can find these on the website. We plan to have short videos online weekly.  We will also be updating our other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter).

Our website also includes several spiritual and intellectual resources for reflection from our members. It is still a work in progress, and we will be updating it over the coming days. We welcome any comments, suggestions, ideas and photos to add.

As with any community, the success of our social media platforms depends upon the engagement and participation of our members.   Now more than ever, we need community. As we continue on the Lenten journey, we know that there is hope. As we look towards Easter, let us join together in prayer and online in our community of hope.