During a meeting in the Bishop conference in Paris, Ruki explains he three main objectives of his action:

1 to stop the violences which are still going on, 4 years after the end of the war

2 to make justice after a 30 years war, at least to make crimes acknowledged

3 to understand the root causes of this dreadful history.

 The points 1 and 2 cannot be achieved without an international support.

The Human Rights Council in Geneva in March 2014, will decide about an enquiry commission. To be positive, the vote needs the support of more countries, particularly from Africa.

     What to do from outside? The sustain to the victims can come from such a resolution, and also from different countries through medias, researches and publications, tourism with time dedicated to meet people, support from the diaspora in Europe, Canada…

In Sri Lanka, one can imagine a reconciliation process, but under the condition to be centered on the victims, not on the objectives of the government.