Shahid  of ICMICA  Pakistan- Last I heard he has gone into hiding for his own good after a house break in and threatening SMSes after his Geneva intervention.(probably changed his email and ID by now).


Faizal from Shia -Muslim minority movement in Malaysia is reorganizing his Team and is in close consultation with me for the documentation of their cases and future strategies. We plan to send a second liner again for the follow up of the UPR-Malaysia process in Geneva again.

Prakkash of ICMICA Nepal continues his human rights work as a full time defender in Caritas Nepal.

Amanda of SALT Malaysia/ICMICA Malaysia based in Sabah helped a grassroots Anti Dam Task Force win a national Human Rights Award for their Anti Kaiduan Dam campaign in Sabah.Am sure the private corporations and the state will be hot on our heals soon.( two pictures as attached).

Adrian Pereira: I continue to lead both Dignity International- Asia and Pax Romana ICMICA Asia linking grassroots struggles with international advocacy/mechanisms.