Here are 3 generation of Pax Romana Activists. It looks like a simple meal but to “Engineer” it, it tooks months of planning, networking ,lobby and prayers.

1st Gen: Anne Beatrice

2nd Gen: Fomer Myanmar Young Catholic Students (ex IMCS  Myanmar)-

3rd Gen: SALT(School of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly, Treading Humbly (SALT 4) movement-


 1st Gen and 3rd Gen were invited by an Indonesian Nun missionary to Burma to be resource speakers for a Feminist Theology programme for Burmese Catholic Women. We were blessed with this rare opportunity to go into Burma. And we were guided by 2 senior feminist theologians, probably 5 Generations older. One of them is Ting Jin, from a movement called SCM, which is Pax Romana old traditional partner. To get an invite like this, surely it is because people trust us and see our value. The 5th Gen seniors financed Gen 1 and Gen 3.

 2nd Generation(Former MYCS members)- They met ICMICA members in a council meeting in Bangkok in 2008. Remember their faces during the closing mass? They also joined the AYA in Malaysia in 2009.

 So, the interconnections and solidarity, while may be difficult to measure its value, is vital for bringing value to our movement. This can only happen with everyones support, love, care and peayers . If this is the best product or model to offer our movements? Perhaps not but maybe one of them.