1)  Why so many people try to enter Europe and other western countries?

 + To escape war and political persecution,

+ to escape hunger, caused by climate change and uneffective food production,

+ because they hope to find a job, in order to support the own family or family clan,

+ because they have a high fertility rate without a chance for many young people to get a job,

+ the media show an economic paradise in western countries.

2) Why western countries build up walls on the frontiers and political walls inside the countries?

+ Western countries fear the immigrants to raise the rate of unemployment.

+ many western citizens don`t want to live together with people with different habits and different culture (political problem),

+ foreign immigrants with high fertility rate may get more political influence after some generations,

3) Why western countries need immigration?

As to Europe, demografic calculations show, that between 2010 and 2030

the working population will be reduced by about 20 millions, in case the rate of fertility and immigration does not change.

To meet the requirements of the labour market, the actual immigration and/or fertility rate has to be increased as soon as possible.

Even now our economic system would brake down without the working power of the immigrants, especially in the health service.

4) To keep off the actual invasion of immigrants they are treated against human rights, the european standards and christian ethics.

Every immigrant coming to the European Union has the right to get a fair immigration procedure, but this right is only applied to those, who are already inside Europe, not to those outside the frontiers. So immigrants are kept off by high barbed wire walls and tough police activity.

As to reports of the organization of international medical support at the frontier of Marokko, about 70% of the treated human beings got wounded by police rubber bullets. Thousands of immigrants die on the way from Africa to Italy across the sea.

The human rights have to be applied not because somebody lives within the EU, but because he/she is a human being….

5) Walls inside Europe/western countries.

In case somebody has succeeded to enter a western country, it is not easy to get a job because of the restrictive job legislation. Therefore illegal jobs are common, which are not decent at all, especially for those, who have no residence permit.

6) What can be done to improve the situation?

Only some ideas to improve sustainability of labour markets and to manage immigration in line with Human Rights:

+ To raise the fertility rate in western countries by changing legislation in order to encourage young people to have more children,

+ to reduce the fertility rate in poor countries by improving education, social security and economic development: Families actually have many children as „life insurance“.

+ To improve the acceptance of western citizens for living together with people of foreign countries, to establish fair rules of coexistence.

+ To replace illegal jobs by decent work, perhaps for limited time.