We the Pax Romana family would like to extend our solidarity to all the brave protesters of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. In the protest of recent days which led from the build up in the past weeks, we are inspired to see peoples of different classes and even nationality gather as a sign of protest against the anti democratic policies as imposed by the China government. Being inspired by the students and intellectual movement ourselves, we are particularly inspired by the student movements of Hong Kong who bravely took part in the protest despite knowing the risks of violent reprisals from the authorities.


We are sure these brave students will inspire students from all over the world to be more participative in social justice issues in their own country and internationally.
Self determination and democratic elections at all levels are essential component of human rights and
social justice and must be respected by all leaders without any form of repression on those promoting
them. We urge the government of the Hong Kong SAR to respect the demands of the majority of peoples
as they have clearly made their message and demand of sovereignty very clear. The usage of force to
disperse the peaceful protesters are clearly a violation of rights and we urge that those guilty of such
atrocity to be charged under the respective laws. Justice denied also hinders democratic process and rule of law and this is further jeopardizes national building.
Last but not least, we once again reaffirm the peoples of Hong Kong that they are not alone in the struggle for democracy and can always count on our solidarity support and beyond. We also urge that
Hong Kong and China to further develop peoples solidarity for justice that goes beyond the governments
bureaucracy on both sides.