I-                  INTRODUCTION

The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs (ICMICA), composed of professionals is a powerful preaching toll of the church. Living in the world by the witness of the gospel is the goal of each member of the ICMICA. The report of the activities we are presenting takes into account the activities handed for the training of its members (spiritual activities, trainings and service meetings) on one hand, and trainings given by the ICMICA to some of the groups which request the expertise of its members on the second hand. 



Our activities’ program is elaborated according to the movement objective and in bond with the annual pastoral activities’ program of the archidiocese of Lomé of which the movement takes an active part. The activities led by the movement contribute to the reinforcement of the members’ training. The internal activities we lead and with “la Fédération des Bureaux des Conseils Diocésains des Associations de l’Archidiocèse de Lomé (FBCD), we have registered ordinary and extraordinary meetings, training and spiritual activities’ meetings.

1-      Trainings

During this pastoral year, we have attended the training of diocese organized by the FBCD, mixed with trainings by the benefit of other movements. Actually, we have answered to the request of the CD Armée Bleu to animate training on time management.

As a training of this pastoral year 2013-2014, we have attended trainings and organized the following trainings noted down in the chart below:




Oganized by the DDOL/FBCD

November 16th, 2013

“What kind of Christian for the new evangelization”

Father Isidore SASSOU

May 10th, 2014

Health mutual


July 12th,2014

Recall of the headlines “what kind of Christian for the new evangelization”

Father Isidore SASSOU


November 23rd,2013

“Swindle on the cell phones and how to take better advantage of one cell phone”

Etienne ALEDI

January 26th, 2014

“Time management”

Jean-Ferdinand KPOGAN and       Jules WAHARE

2-      Meetings / Encounters

a)      Meetings

Meetings for an association are moments of reflection and decisions making for execution or strategic actions implementation aiming at affecting a visibility on the field.

An ordinary GA has been organized at CESAL, in November 17th, 2013 where reports of activities and financial have been adopted and the program (the individual program of BE members).

Meetings, twelve (12) and encounters afterworks, seven (7) have been called during this pastoral year regarding the members around various agenda among which the account of the meetings or events in general, the news (national and international) of the movement in general.

Concerning the place of the meetings, the movement seeks the rooms in the DDOL and often the garden of “la Paroisse Universitaire Saint Jean Apôtre “for the meetings called “Afterworks”.

b)     Encounters

The ICMICA PAX ROMANA – TOGO, represented by the president Cyrille, has attended a regional summit on 27th – 31th January 2014 in Antananarivo in Madagascar on the theme “PLEA CAPACITIES REINFORCEMENT AND LOBBY ON HUMAN RIGHTS MATTERS BY USING THE MECANISM OF INTERNATIONAL RIGHTS DEFENCE AND UNIVERSAL PERIODIC EXAM”.

On February 2nd, 2014, we have met Mrs Marianne LE GALL DIONGUE and other two members of Secours Catholique France with whom we have exchanged on the mechanism of the EPU in Madagascar during the meeting, the organization of ICMICA PAX ROMANA in TOGO, its activities and relations with the Peace and Justice Commission, the perspectives for TOGO on the field of training on EPU mechanism, the possibility to continue a platform on the civil society for the second session scheduled in 2016.

Meetings have been organized by the board in order to write a training plan on the mechanism of EPU further to our participation to the regional summit organized in Madagascar.

We have been received by the archbishop Denis AMUZU-DZAKPAH, on July 22nd, 2014 in his office at Brother Home in the perspective of receiving his recommendation in order to submit our training plan on the Catholic Church Social Doctrine to “Africa Church Aid” (ACA).

We have also met Jules ZANNOU, Africa region coordinator of ICMICA PAX ROMANA, for work visit.

3-      Spiritual activities

In accordance with the general program, we have animated the day of June 26yh, 2014, the celebration the Divine Mercy together with our brothers and sisters of CD Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours in the parish Christo Risorto of Hédzranawoé of Lomé.

We have also participated in every obligation mass scheduled in the program of activities.


4-      The movement problems/ difficulties

 For this pastoral year 2013-2014, we have shown a total slackening after Easter without executing the rest of the project that we have scheduled in the program of activities.

The ICMICA PAX ROMANA – TOGO faces that preoccupation to reconcile the professional commitments of its members with their associative and familiar life. Actually, we all are responsible at different levels of our works and often there is a conflict of calendar and priorities that prevents us from facing our professional, associative and familiar obligations.



The urgent perspective to envisage is to do advertisement in our parishes by the help of FBCD and the DDOL, in order to let the movement known and consequently bring new members who fit our conditions for a bigger action.


The ICMICA PAX ROMANA – TOGO always suffers from availability and faithfulness of its members, what causes the reduction of ten of its active members.

As we can notice it, this problem of availability and faithfulness associated with the lack of crase for participating to the meetings called “afterworks” has a direct impact on the realization of the activities we organize.

A recall into question is necessary for us to organize in a great deal our future activities.