From Thursday April 28th  to Saturday April 30th 2016. Istituto Madonna del Carmine, Via Doganale 1 – 00043 Ciampino



            Up to 2005 Iscam (International Specialized Catholic Action Movements) used to meet within the ICO conference. This organization was later dissolved, and the Pontifical Council for the Laity (PCFL) only supported ecclesial movements and new communities. In June 2013, Iscam decided to resume their cooperation. In September 2014, they prepared a project with PCFL participation. In January 2015, PCFL denied his participation but Iscam decided to keep on cooperating by organizing a meeting in Paris on 22-23 May 2015. The Rome meeting is the followup of this meeting.

Objectives of the cooperation between Iscam

– Make more visible our way of being Christians in the world, inspired by specialized Catholic Action.
– Challenge each other, to better face the current challenges that require creativity.
– Conduct activities that can hardly be implemented individually, for example, presence in International institutions, real estate management …

Objectives of 2016 Rome meeting.

– From past year experiences, better understand the profits of cooperation
– From the actions of each movement, share and deepen how we practice our mission: to reveal the good news in various milieus.
– Better practically organize cooperation between Iscam in 2016.

Guidelines of 2016 Rome meeting

Work axes

1 Share cooperation experiments of last year, for example participation in a meeting organized by another movement : fruits received, changes realized? …

2 Deepen a theme: our concept of evangelisation : non-proselytizing but serving people’s integral development. From our actions, in relation with Pope Francis’ words, especially Evangelii Gaudium, what are the characteristics of an evangelizing testimony? How do we articulate our actions with our partners, religious orders and development agencies?

3 Improve our concrete organization, especially on two points:
– Mutual information on Iscam events and public statements.
– Find a name to the currently unclear « Iscam » association.

Expected results

A clearer vision of our mission, that helps us find a common name.
A message to increase cooperation between « Cam’s » at national and diocesan level,
A call to grow in countries where only some of us are present
An information for vatican dicasteries.
A papal audience, highlighting the evangelizing dimension of our actions.
A better material organization of cooperation between Iscam.


Members of Iscam and their Italian representative.

At this meeting we shall invite partners in the international institutions:
– Religious orders organizations as Jesuit Refugee Service, Dominicans for Peace, Franciscans International, Order of the Company of Mary our Lady.
– Catholic development agencies as members of the Cidse group.

Preparation process

Analysis of cooperation experiences since May 2015

– Assembly of Mjiarc August 2015 in München: Mijarc and MIIC.
– IYCW conference in Brussels in November 2015: Joci, MIAMSI and MIIC
– Meeting in Beirut between Midade and Miamsi
– Local project: “Borders luck or galley ?” ACI, ACO, ACE, MCC.

Participants at these meetings analyze the effects of this cooperation for their own movement. How to develop them?

Looking for and presenting actions having evangelizing dimension

            Each movement chooses one or two recent actions and analyses them with the question: do these actions bear witness to the good news?

            The selected actions will be presented in a 5 minutes video interview, including analysis elements. These documents will be sent to the main speaker Salvadore Pié, before the end of March. They will help him to prepare his presentation on the evangelizing testimony in relation with Evangelii Gaudium. They will also be used for the Friday evening panorama

Looking for keywords to present our movements.

The situation

            Our common identity hardly appears because our names are different, and national movements still bear different names. For example a movement called Fimarc internationally, will be called CMR in France and KLB in Germany. There can be 500 different names for all our movements. To make us better recognized, we need a common “denominator” .


            20 airlines companies are together in an alliance called Skyteam. Each company presents itself as “member of Skyteam” The name evokes the activity “Sky” and the work together “Team”. One could imagine to present our movements as “MMTC, Scams’ member”


            We need to find a word, a symbol, meaningful for members and understandable for others. The first step is to identify words or symbols identifying each Iscam, then look for common elements. This presentation will be made by each Iscam through a video interview.


Registration fees : 100€ for the whole session, accommodation and meals. Information, registration and payment online on the website of Pax Romana Icmica after login : (See upcoming events on the right side of the frontpage


Thursday 28th evening


Objective: See the diversity of movements. Video presentation of the Iscam’s activities (20 minutes or 2 minutes by Iscam: 3 photos (the logo, old photograph of a gathering, the current bureau, interviews on movement’s priorities in 2016.

Launching the session

Presentation with 3 voices : adults, youth, children. Objectives of the meeting. Roundtable about participants’ expectations

Friday 29th morning

Iscam actions

Video presentations, as basis for the workshops

Reflection in linguistic workshops.

Analyze the above presentation, with the following questions:
– What changes do they produce?
• Individually: on the persons concerned and on us
• Collectively: in the society and in our ecclesial communities
– Are they proposals for the Good News? How to define a non-proselytizing Evangelization serving people’s integral development?
– Can they define more clearly our movements? Which elements of identity do they reveal? (To be expressed in key words or phrases.)


In the whole group

Relation with Evangelii Gaudium

Starting from movement’s action, reflection on « evangelizing witness » in connection with Evangelii Gaudium. Intervention of Salvadore Pié. Debate.

Friday 29th afternoon

A share definition of evangelization ?

Starting from reflections of the morning and Salvadore’s contribution.

Looking for a common denominator

Brainsstorming from the proposals of the Iscam video. First proposals

Saturday 30th morning

Saturday morning rereading

Review of the previous day : what seems essential for me, the movement and the cooperation.

Cooperation between Iscam

Presentation of cooperative experiences since the meeting of May 2014. Roundtables with participants in meetings between Iscam.

Practical organization of the period 2016 – 2017

Mutual information on Iscam events and public statements.


Saturday 30th afternoon

Iscam cooperation with religious orders and agencies.

Roundtable with representatives of religious orders and development agencies who are partners of our international activities. What are their goals, our common and complementary points?

With the participation of Yoshie Arai (Company of Mary), Patxi Alvarez (Jesuits), Mike Deeb (Dominicans)

Following week

After the session, records of our work will be presented to Holy See dicasteries by group members chosen according to availability and existing contacts


ICYCW (Rome)                                     Amélie Peyrard                     President
IYCS (Paris)                                           Richard           Apeh              President
IYCW (Bruxelles)                                 Ludovicus Mardiyono          President
FIMARC (Bruxelles)                            George Dixon Fernandez    Executive comittee
MIAMSI (Rome)                                  Maryse Robert                       President
MIAMSI (Rome)                                  Dominique de Talancé         Expert
MIDADE (Paris)                                  Claire Said                               President
IMCS Pax Romana (Paris)                Camila Jara Aparicio             Secretary General
ICMICA Pax Romana (Genève)       Philippe Ledouble                  Secretary General
MIJARC (Bruxelles)                           Céline Quintin                        Secretary General
WMCW (Bruxelles)                           Marilea            Damasio          Co President
CCI                                                        Stefan Gigacz                           Secretary General