Conclusion of the Brussels meeting May 11th anf 12th 2019.

1 We have a common mission: evangelization which means humanization in the spirit in the Gospel or in the perspective of the kingdom of God: a society where human dignity is respected, where borders between people are abolished. For example, the Joci supports the dignity of young people working in a company as Fatima in Lahore, Fimarc creates relationships beyond the generation gap among farmers in Senegal.

 2 This mission is a service to society, the church and our members, but it is not well recognized. Our movements feel like they’re nowhere. For example, the Midade was not consulted on sexual abuse of children. We cannot continue in a situation where our leaders are heavily involved for so little visibility. Either we are not relevant and it is better to stop, or we are relevant and need to develop.

 3 Many do not really know us. To develop, it is therefore necessary to strengthen mutual knowledge with all our current and potential partners, NGOs, national and international political institutions, donors, churches and movements at the national level, with particular attention but not exclusively for those close to us.

4 To this end, we are writing a rationale by the end of July to better identify our specific contribution. For example, some think that a Catholic student should attend classes and go to Mass, but Icmica Pax Romana defends that it is also essential to have a space for listening and speaking, to better discern how to live this period. Meetings with our partners are an opportunity to deepen our spirituality of action and possible new cooperations.

The Miacs are the 10 international movements of specialised catholic action: WMCW, IYCW, ICYCW, FIMARC, MIJARC, IYCS, ICMICA Pax Romana, IMCS Pax Romana, MIAMSI, MIDADE