The idea of creating MIIC-BF (MIIC Burkina Faso) was born a few years ago after meeting a member of MIIC-Togo, Mr. Cyrille N’kawula. Indeed, after talking with Cyrille about ICMICA-Pax Romana, I was very interested and I was willing to get involved and talk to others around me about it.

Current Situation

My first reaction was to meet Father Anatole TIENDREBEOGO, chaplain of social groups. Then, I talked to friends from my parish, and also to other members.  To date, MIIC-BF has a small group of six (6) people working on the effective implementation of the Movement. These are:

 Thus, the draft statutes and rules of procedure of MIIC-BF have been prepared by the legal adviser and are awaiting discussion by the group. MIIC-BF maintains close relations with the Regional and International Teams in matters related to its activities, via social networks and the ICMICA-Pax Romana Africa. We participated in the election of the Vice President for Africa.

 Future Prospects

MIIC-BF wants to be part of the great family of Catholic professionals who are committed to living their faith by promoting the values of peace, social justice, gender equality, sustainable development and human rights in the continent. In order to be part of the dynamics of the Catholic action movements in Burkina Faso, MIIC is part of the National Council of the Laity in Burkina Faso.  After the process of meeting and finalizing the draft statutes, ICMICA will undertake the following activities in particular:

  • organize a national congress/assembly;
  • make an official declaration of its existence to the administrative authorities in order to obtain authorization;
  • organize training sessions for members and supporters;
  • engage in a national recruitment drive of members.

Since MIIC-BF is actually a new-born baby, we rely on the experience and availability of members from other African countries.  As the scripture says, the harvest is abundant and the workers few. We are aware that this will be very difficult, but by the strength that the Lord will transmit to us, we have faith that we will be good workers ready to be sent into His vineyard.