for the development of 3 to 6 year-old children

In a just educational system it is important to offer most possible equal chances for children and their development. Scientific research (e.g. of neurolinguistics) confirm that for some aspects of the development of human beings the age from 3 to 6 is the most opportune time span. In the countries of Europe that task, which is essential for the children and society, is noticed and realized by the parents and the institutions of formation in very different ways. In that context especially children from families at a distance to formation and also families of migrants must be taken into consideration. Listening to and spreading proved and also unusual ideas in this field is a concern of teachers of all age groups, but also parents and grandparents and, generally speaking, responsible-minded citizens.

Speakers from Austria, France and Germany will share their knowledge with us. Groups using 3 or 4 languages and workshops in French, German and English will allow to develop the topic and to exchange experiences.

At St. Pölten, 60 km from Vienna, there is a Baroque town centre to be explored besides the modern administrative quarters, near to St. Pölten there are convents and monasteries worth a visit (Herzogenburg, Göttweig), at a greater distance Klosterneuburg with its famous altar from Verdun. There will be a free afternoon for an individual visit, e.g. of Vienna.

Our optional excursion will take us to the monastery of Lilienfeld and to Mariazell, the most famous Austrian place of pilgrimage in its mountainous environment (the place of the Magna Mater Austriae, but also the destination of pilgrimages of Hungarian and Slav peoples).

The SIESC Council and VCL-Austria cordially invite you to come to the formation centre St. Hippolyt at St. Pölten, which offers us all the conveniences for an enriching and friendly meeting.