Centre d’Estudis Francesc Eiximenis

Study Center Francesc Eiximenis





The history

     In 1959, a group of Christian intellectuals, teachers, professionals and various artists, founded the Study Centre Francis Eiximenis. It was under the inspiration of Mossen Josep Mª Bardés i Huguet, an unequivocal exponent of an open and Catalonia rooted Christianity, also linked to the most progressive currents of European Churches. The Centre has received the name of Francis Eiximenis Girona, a Franciscan friar who lived between 1327 and 1409, was minister of the Catalan-Aragonese monarchs, author of a very large literary work, with an extensive knowledge of European culture through his stays in Paris, Oxford, Cambridge, Cologne and Toulouse.

 The purpose

To study border issues between faith and culture.

To promote dialogue between the Christian faith and various aspects of contemporary culture (science, philosophy, ideologies, religions).

To publish opinion articles.

To organize seminars, conferences, public meetings on study subjects or social events.

To participate, along with others in cultural or social dialogue initiatives in Catalonia or in the international context.

To disseminate the work of Francis Eiximenis.

 Since 2004, the Center Eiximenis is part of the Pax Romana Catalan Federation with the Movement of Catholic Professionals Barcelona (MPCB) and the Group of Jurists Roda Ventura.

Recent events:

Crisis, opportunity for change.

Recent publications

The masters of suspicion: Marx Engels, Nietzsche

Gods, beliefs and neurons – A scientific approach to religion.

Recent public declarations

Declaration on the occasion of the Bischops Conference’s note on general elections