Latvian Catholic students and academics’ Association

“Deo et patr



    The Latvian Catholic students and academic association “Dzintars” – which means amber – is expressed in its motto “Deo et patriae”. Its members are called in their daily life, work and family to serve God and the Nation. LKSAA “Dzintars” was founded in 1947 in Göttingen, Germany by Latvian refugees. The first association was dedicated to Catholic students in the post-war period gaiming to get educated, to maintain and deepen their Christian lives and to support one another. In the 50s it moved to new countries as the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. After restoration of the Latvian independence on the 18th of August 1992, the LKSAA Riga unit was founded. Today the Latvian unit operates in Riga, Rezekne and Liepaja.


Dzintars organizes internships whose activities are focused on its members’ personal development and improvement and support of the Catholic Church. A Dzintars member is called to fulfill himself, his intellectual potential, seeking God, living in the Fatherland and serving it to his every thought, word and work.



Dzintars can welcome students as well as those who already have a university education. It is an organization whose internal structure consists of separate units set up in major centers. Each unit is selected for one year and is under the guidance of the Presidium, which is elected in congress for 4 years. All the associations are managed by the elected Bureau.


The team is characterized by efforts to improve their spiritual and intellectual life. Our traditional forms of action are meetings for reading the papers, discussing, learning how to listen to different opinions. It is a great opportunity for young people to improve their ability to speak, discuss, and chair meetings.

During the Advent and Lenten retreats, we will deepen their spiritual lives. One of the oldest traditions is the study days. Special attention is paid to hot topics related to recent events.