ÚSKI. Ústredie slovenskej kresťanskej inteligencie

Federation of Slovak Christian Intellectuals


       ÚSKI is an association of Christian intellectuals. Its aim is to implement Christian principles in the cultural, scientific, social and political spheres, with the focus on ecumenism. It also aims to maintain and develop spiritual and cultural values, to educate and support education; and to provide and to perform publishing activity. Our organization reaches the aforementioned aims by the organization of congresses, symposia, national and international conferences, seminars for the young generation, and through participating on international events in Slovakia and abroad.


A long-term interest of ÚSKI lies in the relation between science and religion. It is carried out in three elements:

– Questions related to the relationship are discussed at monthly meetings  of the Faith and Science Section, as well as at discussion forums of the Council for Science, Education and Culture, attached to the Slovak Bishop Conference, on a quarterly basis. Lectures for public are important part of our activity.

– The Social-medical Section  of ÚSKI works to provide aid for disabled people. Special attention is dedicated to integrated education.

– USKI publishes the journal Gaudium et spes (RAN). The journal contains articles on problems concerned with the relationship between faith and science. It also has an information Section where news of events, both at home and abroad, can be found,  as well as information on undertakings of Pax Romana.           

 Branches and sections of ÚSKI

ÚSKI organizes its activities through seven branches: Bratislava, Kosice, Presov, Bardejov, Vranov, Ruzomberok, Zilina, and two sections:: Section for relation between science and faith, and Social – medical section.

Every branch carries out its own activities and mediates information coming from the central office of the organization. Sections are specialized unites which provide and guarantee specialized activities.      

Recent events:

Five seminars throughout different regions in Slovakia. The theme: Consequences of Disability for Spiritual Growth of Children and Young people. 

Ten lectures on the History of religion

Recent themes  of the review RaN Radosť a Nádej. (Gaudium et Spes)


Philosophy and education

Relationship between natural sciences,  philosophy and theology

 Recent publications

God’s Universe                            

Scientific path to God.