Slovenski katoliški izobraženci

Slovenian Catholic Professionals



    In 1985, Jože Strgar, helped by Father Miha Zuzek, started to organize the Slovenian Catholic intellectuals. The first result was the Interdiocesan Committee for Roman Catholic Slovenian intellectuals within the church. Our association has been registered since 1994.


Objectives of the movement

    Our general aim is to articulate, exchange, invigorate and propagate the ideas and culture of Slovene Catholics. However, in the present situation in which the consequences of World War II and the Communist era have not been overcome yet, our main aim is to emancipate the Catholic community in Slovenia in the sense that it obtains a position in the mass media which would be at least vaguely comparable to the percentage of Catholics in the population of the country.

Our association has about 200 members and holds regular activities in Ljubljana, some meetings in particular during Lent and Advent are held also elsewhere in the country. We meet regularly with our friends from MEIC Udine (Italy) and KAVOe Carinthia (Austria). Branches in other parts of Slovenia: Ajdovščina, Pivška dolina.

Recent events

– Memorial meeting : study session « Crucis pondus et praemium » in honour of Bishop Dr. Gregorij Rožman (1883-1959)

– Presentation of a collection of poems by Prof. Dr. Miha Pintarič

– Lecture on the spiritual crisis by Prof. Dr. Janko Kos

– Discussion Being priest today


Recent themes  of the review

National Eucharistic Congress in June 2010

Slovenija, post totalitarian democracy

Council Resolution 1096, the communist regime’s elimination of heritage.