Promoting and Advocating Justice and Peace in Society

The Community Action Network (CAN) was formed in 1993 by a group of Catholic graduates to promote and advocate justice and peace in society.

Since its inception, CAN has collaborated with churches and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to organise activities to promote and advocate justice and peace in society.


CAN Activities:

  • Grassroots Involvement – Provides financial support for the Orang Asli Community Organizers from JKOASM.
  • Human Rights Programs – Organising programs in Churches to bring about awareness to each individual of their inherent fundamental rights, which are enshrined in the Federal Constitution and the UDHR. CAN has also endorsed various campaigns that violate basic human rights.
  • Election Campaign and Voter Education – Organising Voter Education Workshops, to educate people on their rights as voters. Members of CAN have also been active during election campaign periods either as an election observer, a polling and counting agent.
  • Think Series – Conduct ‘Think Series’ forums in various churches within Peninsular Malaysia that focuses on contemporary issues in Malaysia, especially issues that violates basic human rights.
  • Publications – Publish educational materials on several human rights’ issues in Malaysia.
  • Global Solidarity and Advocacy – Actively promotes international solidarity and advocacy through ICMICA’s Global Platforms like the World Social Forum, G20 and other UN meetings.