Interview in English

In 2015 Germany hosted 1.1 million refugees. Many continue to arrive. Even without right to asylum they must leave their country. Refugees must be welcome, find a housing, and the integration process must start immediately. There are many volunteers who support governmental actions. There are different responses in population: support the action of Merkel, or oppose to it. There is a debate about the limits of integration.

It is very important to treat integration of mignants together with other people in need. We don’t do it only the name of values, but the economic success of Germany also gives it a responsibility.

There is a huge commitment of lay catholic organizations and parishes, accompanying refugees in languages courses, health care, administrative procedures… Many volunteers have no direct link with the Church. At the political level they defend humane treatment of refugees.

Lay organizations must observe and analyze the real situation of people, and recommend ehtic tratment of refugees. We must also listen to those who have fear, take them seriously and show them that there is no reason to be afraid.