Our Culture allows women to practice prostitution, but it’s difficult to allow her to practice profession Like Lawyer, Doctor, and teacher. Girls Schools are being destroyed by the extremist, but prefer to look for the female doctors for maternal issues for wives. People appreciate to have female partner and get married to but always keeping the desire of having a baby Boy standing at the front of the delivery room. Is it STRANGE?


Since females are the part of this world consider as the human being. God has created man and women both. He has ordered man to take care their women as Christ loves the church not to overcome her. Why the society is brutal to women? Why don’t even consider women as a human being. Everything in this world is related to man and women both. The nature speaks about the Holy Trinity all the time. There is always a father (giver) the son (receiver) and the guider (Holy Spirit) the entire world is speaks about Holy trinity. Any process cannot be completed with the giving taking and of course the guidance. You can see the example of the Holy family. Mary (receiver) father (the giver) and the Holy Spirit (guidance). God has given the every preference to women. From His birth, to His Resurrection. Why man want to take every power in his hands. That is only leading to violence, unjust, unfaithfulness, broken families, loneliness, disparity, quarrels, insecurity and ultimately war.

Today Society lacks the inner peace because we forget our roles given by the God. There is the need to revise our duties both men and women. The church can play a beautiful role here making family life stronger than ever.  If everyone has its own part of working then there will be no more destruction inner and outer that lead to war. Very strangely to hate someone is becoming easier than to love. Similarly to respect someone is becoming more difficult to insult/disrespect. We are becoming more straight forward in expressing out our negative thought rather than giving positive energy to the world.

Through this I would like to every one of us (reader) to Integrate, to play the vital role. No one out of the society could bring the change. It’s we! We are the CHANGE by ourselves. If each one of us (reader) could help one girl, guide her in his/her positive way. I think it will be our first step to condemn violence, unjust, quarrels that ultimately leads to war.

Just for strengthen females:

Dear females!

Don’t get afraid of anything because even the God plan was uncompleted without the presence of Female. Hence it is difficult to live with the sufferings living with humiliation. But by the end God has defiantly a reward for every suffering. Just keep that grace within you.