It is a space and time of encounter, welcoming people, believers or not, in the most varied circumstances of life. The encounter happens from what each one lives and carries, trying not to separate interiority and exteriority, reflection and living, principles and action, spirituality and citizenship, personal choices and future of our societies. Website here


Metanoia proposes to build community among people with diverse personal and professional conditions and life paths, for whom the encounter and celebration of faith in Jesus Christ is inseparable from openness to others, in a never finished process of personal conversion. We do this by resorting to organisational forms that we want to be light and flexible, based on the principles of democratic participation, co-responsibility, voluntary work and collective assumption of burdens.

A space of discovery and experience of faith that gives meaning to what is lived, that integrates and includes from the essential – Jesus who in his gestures and words has always loved and incited love.

An experience of Church built on fragility and nurished from the wisdom of so many men and women who have lived and experience God and give meaning to the passion of Jesus.

A space of freedom, co-responsibility, reflection and sharing of life, of conversion and learning from others.

Adherence to Metanoia is individual

Metanoia members are all those who, recognizing themselves in the identity and dynamics, express the will to be so, are willing to participate in its initiatives and are responsible for its maintenance, expressed by the payment of a minimum annual fee established in the Assembly of the Movement.

Dynamics of Metanoia

Metanoia adopts various organisational forms in order to respond to the availability and circumstances of life of its members.

Assembly of the Movement – it meets annually to reflect on the experience, plans the following year and elects the social organs every two years.

Meeting of Theological Reflection (ERT) – takes place annually, at the end of July, and is a space for reflection and formation, open to non-associates, in which conviviality is also valued, being organized so as to allow the participation of the whole family.

Study Session (SE) – a social, civic and political meeting for reflection, open to non-associates, which takes place annually in February/March.

Local Meetings – in each place or region, according to the dynamics of the associates.

Liaison Sheet – directed to the members, reports on the internal life of the movement.