On February 27th it will take place a new meeting to continue the topics we discussed last October. Here is the schedule (Paris Time):

11.00 h Welcome and prayer (prepared by Metanoia group)

11.15 h 1st lecture: Ecclesial ministries without gender. Limits and opportunities for catholic women. By Laura Mor, Director of the digital newspaper of religious information Catalunya Religió.

11.30 h Discussion

11.45 2nd lecture: Education for peace. By Annemarie Weinzettl.

12.00 h Discussion.

12.15 h Last events from movements

12.30 h Informations and news about Pax Romana

13.00 h Closing and good wishes.

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IMPORTANT! In order to facilitate the information exchange we prepared a brief questionnaire about your federations. Please send your answers back to us before the meeting, especially if you are not able to participate.