Interview in english.

The situation in Poland is very strange. The new government thinks he can do whatever he wants, trying to make the work of tribunal impossible. We are waiting for European commission report to correct it. But the government will not obey. Now we have protests in the streets against government’s dictatorial tendencies. The party won under very traditional catholic slogans. The bishops could not say anything, it was in line of the church’s teaching, but in a pharisean way.

This government is against migrants, but bishops supported welcoming migrants. But we have very few and some of them have already left for Germany. In KIK we set up a team to help migrants, volonteers are working at the hungarian border. Polish society is not prepared to accept refugees, also because of governemental propaganda, but 82% of polish society supports the EU.

As movement, we should promote solidarity and respect of christian beliefs, recall that Europe is built on solidarity. As said J Delors, either Europe returns to its values and spirituality or it will cease to exist.