The Pandemic has resulted in slowdown of general public activities so we could not avoid the same impact on our life at KIK. Our premises have been closed to the public. Our Board meetings and general
discussions on various subjects are being held on-line. The number of our summer holiday camps for our children and teenagers as well as sailing excursions were largely reduced.
In October 2020 new restrictive regulations concerning abortion were introduced in Poland. This ruined the previous social peace in Poland and initiated mass street protests. KIK has issued its position on this subject. We are definitely against the abortion, however, we do not accept the situation where criminal law replaces moral assessment of the acts.
– At present, we continue our “Wounded in the Church” programme (initiated jointly with two other organizations) – a helpline for those sexually abused within the community of the Church. So far this bore good fruit. Several people were provided with psychological aid and legal assistance.
– Since the Polish Church is in deep crisis and Poland is at present in course of very fast secularization, we in KIK are about to launch sociological research on the Polish Church. There is a real chance that we shall receive financial support from the Renovabis – a foundation of the German Church.
– Our “Back up Team” supports people who are in need of various kind: from simple shopping through just having a chat with them so they do not feel so lonely to helping them how to operate computer and other electronic devices.
– We have formed a team of street workers who provide aid of various type for the homeless at the Warsaw West Railway Station.
– We have been active in Iraqi Kurdistan. We participate in a programme called “Providing Quality Healthcare to Displaced Iraqis”. Together with the doctors from the STEP IN organization we participate in educational campaigns and distribution of masks.
– Our “Families of Aleppo” programme has been continued. In cooperation with the St. Anthony Parish we support poor Syrian families who suffer from the war in Syria.
In all this charity and humanitarian activities abroad we receive financial support from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The pandemic situation in Poland is varying with time but one common feature is that people live in solitude that leads many to despair. It appears that Polish Authorities have no coherent policy in struggling the pandemic. Restrictions are being imposed and relieved in turns. Official statements are confusing. At the same time, the government using the general atmosphere is trying to restrict freedom and human rights. The latest example is proposal for the new law that is meant to strangle the free
media in Poland.
The pandemic has also serious effect on the Polish economy. Due to the lockdown several trades are on the verge of bankruptcy. This concerns restaurants, hotels and skiing resorts in particular. They receive inadequate or no support from the state.
KIK is trying to maintain its regular activities. However, human contacts are practically reduced to the on-line meetings.